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Helping you navigate the challenges within your mind New Era Consultancy LLC

Our services are person-centered. We treat our clients based on their needs because we understand that every client is unique and different. As a result, compassion and empathy are at the core of everything we do here at New Era Consultancy LLC. We take pleasure in the fact that an individual can sit in the comfort of their home and be seen within 24 to 48 hours of booking their appointment. Our goal is to ensure a whole-person experience for our clients.

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Our Mission Statement

Since we believe in the premise that complete wellness begins with a healthy mind, body, and soul, we aim to dispel the stigma associated with mental health by providing a holistic approach to your mental wellness. We are committed to providing quality care to ensure not only your mental health but your overall well-being as well.

Our Vision Statement

At New Era, we encourage our clients to seek mental health assessment in a comfortable environment that permits honesty and communication to benefit the interest of our clients by focusing on their individual needs.